Do I need a membership to practice/race?

You will need a membership to practice on open practice days. There are 3 different types of memberships available for you to purchase. $5 is taken off the total if you are signing up for the 50 track.

Below is a link to the info on the 3 levels of memberships and pricing:
Memberships and Pricing

You do not need a track membership to participate on race day. You will however need a current AMA and D17 membership (or proof of).


When will I get my membership card?

You will receive your membership card at the next open practice. We type the information on them and then print and laminate. They will be finished and ready to be picked up by the next scheduled practice date.


What are these awesome $10 pop-up practices I keep hearing about?

These $10 pop-up practices are open for all members. We also accept new member sign-ups on this day. Riders who have signed up under the Muddy Elite Membership will be discounted and only pay $10 to practice. For new members signing up with a Muddy Elite membership on these days, you will receive $10 off your total which is essentially the same as getting a $10 practice.


How do I know when there will be a practice/race?

We update our Facebook page and Website frequently. These locations are where you will find information on our practices and races.


I’m new to racing. What do I need/what should I know about these events?

We have a page completely dedicated to this! The link is provided below:

New Rider Info

Will the track be prepped for practices/races?

The track will always be prepped for these events unless otherwise noted (The only time would not be a full prep is on a practice day if it was in excellent shape from the day before—this is still not likely.) We will always make sure the track is in good shape to ride. We are riders too so we understand. The track will always be prepped for race day.


How do the practices get split up on practice day?

Big bikes will run together until they need to be split by class. There are 2 big bikes classes: A/B and C. There will be a mini bike class and a Quad class as well.

The Order is as follows: Big Bikes (when split: A/B, and then C), Quads, Mini Bikes


I lost my membership card. How do I get a new one?

Let us know, we will make you a new one. There is a small fee for replacement cards.


I’m not riding on practice day, do I need a membership?

Yes. Everyone on the property on practice days must be a member. This is for liability purposes. Spectator memberships are $5 per year.

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