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2018 Racing to Begin Soon!

Muddy Waters 2018 Season Update!

There has been a lot of buzz about when we will be opening up for practice. We want to confirm we’ve been working hard to get the track ready for the 2018 season! Thank you all for being so patient with us throughout the beginning of this season! As many of you know, we went through some difficulties recently with our special use permit. The public was fed some false information and that caused a little stir. You’ll all be excited to hear that we were able to renew our special use permit and therefore keep the track open!

With that being said, we are under completely new ownership this year and things will start being ran a little differently so please bear with us as we work out the kinks!

We have some big plans for this upcoming year with some major improvements we know you will all enjoy seeing including our website. Others we will be sharing with you very soon!

We look forward to seeing you all out at the track!

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